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Our Products

Take a closer look at our products. We are sure to have something for every taste! 

Orders can be placed by telephone and cell or by doing it by E-Mail too  especially if you want to pay by EFT.

Payment options will be added as we go along and will be added as soon as possible.

Brochures can be E-Mailed too just request by email and I will send you one pronto.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for anything at all..any unique or not so unique problems welcome and I'll recommend the right combo of products for your solution.

Products will be added continuously as and when reliable and conforming organic suppliers are found .





We sell herbal and organic products.BUY NOW!!!

ZAR1.00Test payment
Test payment and flow
ZAR180.00HerbaZings Caps 60's
Slimmiing combo of herbs incl kidney water retention
ZAR180.00HerbaPep Caps 60's
Boosts Energy and Alertness in minutes
ZAR165.00HebaMune Caps 60's
AntiOxidants Vitanins Aminoacids Minerals
ZAR120.00Herbal Antibiotics 30's
Anti-bacterial combination of Herbs
ZAR175.00Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules 60's
Potent Weight loss ,stabilise sugar,appetite suppressant
ZAR190.00Centella Capsules 60's
Flagship of Range Healthy Blood Flow HBF
ZAR240.00Cranberry Caps 60's
Bladder and urinary and odour reducer
ZAR190.00Centella Caps 60's
ZAR130.00Psyllium Capsules 60's
Swelling gelatinous mass
ZAR165.00Salmon Oil Omeaga Oil 3Capsules 90's
See omega 3 n 6
ZAR110.00Salmon Oil Omega 3 Capsules 60's
SEE Omega 3 n 6
ZAR85.00Salmon Oil Omega 3 Capsules 30's
See Omega 3 and 6
ZAR230.00Omega 3 and 6 Caps 90's
see 30's
ZAR130.00Omega 3 + 6 oil Caps 30's
Premenstrual Depression Fatigue ADD Dryness
ZAR165.00Detox Naturally Caps 60's
Intestinal cleaning and lowers sugar and cholestrol
ZAR335.00Monthly Health Stack Combo 120's
ZAR180.00Mobilze Caps 60's
Potent combo for arthritis,pain,gout,bone and cartilage relief
ZAR90.00Vit A and D 30's
Anti aging,skin health,youthfulness,aging,weak bones,cancer,obesity
ZAR175.00Vision 20/20 Capsules 30's
Eye specific anti-oxi. Lutein,Zeaxanthin,Lycopene
ZAR195.00Stress Contol Caps 60's
Vit B's Complex,Chamomile and Melissa herbs calm
ZAR360.00Stamina Shake 600g 30 servings
Meal in aGlass...boost immune and energy
ZAR125.00IQ-boost Granules 20 servings Chocolate flavour
Brain nutrients
ZAR345.00Apple Cider Vinegar 2l
ZAR85.00Apple Cider Vinegar 250ml
Description of example product 4
ZAR340.00Herba Lean Milkshake Vanilla 600g
Diet Meal Replacent formula
ZAR340.00HerbaLean Chocolate Shake 600g
Meal replacement
ZAR190.00Herbefemme Caps 60's
Female hormone balancer
ZAR180.00Herba Cal-Mag tabs 60's
ZAR180.00Herba-C tabs 60's
Child Vitamins
ZAR155.00Foaming Cleansers
ZAR215.00Fat Burner Capsules 60's
Thermogenic I-Carnitine,Cr,Kelp,HCA,Celery,Fennel
ZAR185.00Fat Absorber Capsules 60's
With Chitosan and Psllium seeds mop up fat unabsorbed
ZAR145.00Deprex Caps 60's
ZAR160.00Day Cream SPF15 50ml

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