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Our Products

Take a closer look at our products. We are sure to have something for every taste! 

Orders can be placed by telephone and cell or by doing it by E-Mail too  especially if you want to pay by EFT.

Payment options will be added as we go along and will be added as soon as possible.

Brochures can be E-Mailed too just request by email and I will send you one pronto.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for anything at all..any unique or not so unique problems welcome and I'll recommend the right combo of products for your solution.

Products will be added continuously as and when reliable and conforming organic suppliers are found .





We sell herbal and organic products.BUY NOW!!!

ZAR60.00Recon Mini 20ml
Skin Recon wound cream
ZAR180.00ReconVET Cream 200ml
Animal wounds-hide adherence and insect repellant
ZAR140.00ReconPlus Cream 100ml
= Recon but with Aromatherapy Essential oils
ZAR160.00Reconstruction Cream 100ml
fast invisible healing
ZAR115.00Amino Aloe Lotion 100ml
ZAR190.00Centella Capsules 60's
Flagship of Range Healthy Blood Flow HBF
ZAR125.00Calendula Cream 100ml
ZAR110.00Muscle Soothing Bath Salt 300g
Sea Salt impregnated with Essential Birch Oil
ZAR90.00Vit A and D 30's
Anti aging,skin health,youthfulness,aging,weak bones,cancer,obesity
ZAR95.00Tea TRree OIL 10ml
Very Potent Anti(bacterial,viral,septic,fungal) Oil
ZAR125.00Sunscreen GEL Max SPfF 100ml
Non Greasy SPF 15 with EveningPrimrose Oil
ZAR155.00Herbaheat 100ml
Warming Massage and congestion
ZAR80.00Herbadas Body Butter 225ml
ZAR95.00Almond Hand And Body Lotion 130ml

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